Dgrin 2005 Worldwide Sky Shoot - dgrin

Photo by Nir Alon. Taken from Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel, looking SSW at 00:00 local time June 19th 2005

The Mosque of Omar (bottom center), also known as the Dome of the Rock, was built by Caliph Abd-el-Malik in the 7th century on Temple Mount, the site of the Temple of Solomon. The latter was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Regarded by Moslems as the site from which the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, and by Jews and Christians as the place where Isaac was nearly sacrificed.

The shrine was covered by a lead dome until it was replaced with a gold-colored covering in 1965. Because of rust, the anodized aluminum cover was again replaced in 1993 with a gold covering.

Middle East politics propose a threat to this location and ancient prophecies of armagedon are related to this site.

In this worldwide project, the Dgrin Worldwide Sky Shoot 2005, I wanted to shoot a location significant to Jerusalem. I chose to shoot from Mount Scopus (31.793N 35.242E), the Eastern most ridge in Jerusalem, bordering the Judean Desert, in order to get the mosque and the moon in the frame. Although the sky was dark at 00:00 local time (21:00GMT) I'm very happy with the result as I feel it screams "Jerusalem".

Taken with Canon 20d with Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM @ 105mm, ISO200.
One f/11 2.5s frame processed twice and blended for dynamic range in bottom of photo.
Second frame f/11 1/100s shot within seconds for moon exposure and blended in image.

A daylight photo of the mosque HERE

and a historic view HERE